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Mar 27

Why I Will Wait

Posted By iamincontrol | March 27, 2014

Teen couple
By Alexandra

Growing up in today’s society, it feels that everyone is having sex. Sex is everywhere, TV, music, movies, and hearing it from peers. During high school many of my friends lost their virginity by the time we graduated. I always sort of felt out of place, because I was still a virgin. It was not because I had religious beliefs I wanted to follow, it was just because I didn’t really have a stance on whether I wanted to wait or not. Therefore I decided to do some research and decide how I felt about sex.

I am a very visual person; I like pro/con lists a lot. When researching reasons to wait/not wait to have sex I put them into a chart. Many of the reasons to have sex were to grow emotionally closer to another person, feel pleasure, and show someone how much you love them. However, the reasons not to have sex were very daunting. STIs are among the number one reason to not have sex. They can impact your life and your partner’s life drastically.

Once I had my chart made I spent a lot of time reflecting on my belief of sex. I kept this very personal and didn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else, because I wanted this decision to be made without any external influences. After much thought I decided to wait to have sex until I was in a very long, committed relationship. Leaving high school and attending college, I realized there are many people who share the same feeling of waiting to have sex. I no longer feel “abnormal” for wanting to wait. So if you are reading this and are in the same place I was, whatever you decide about sex, respect your personal values and know there are people like you out there.

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You are in control of making the right choices for you.