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Sep 13

What You Say Matters

Posted By iamincontrol | September 13, 2018

Bullied teenage girlLanguage that singles people out makes it difficult to make connections with others. Try putting yourself into another person’s shoes to help you think about how to use welcoming language. Using broader language so can help people feel included. Here are some tips to make your language more inclusive:

  • Use gender-neutral terms like “people” instead of gendered words like “mankind”
  • You can use “they” to refer to someone whose gender you don’t know
  • Avoid saying things that are stereotypical
  • If you’re talking about a group of people, don’t generalize about a whole group. For example, women in one country may have a different experience than women in another based on the culture and politics.
  • When talking about a person who has an illness or disorder, it’s generally better to say “person with ____” instead of “____ person”

Using these tips can help you be more inclusive with your language and make others feel more accepted. Learn what inclusive language means to others in this video: