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Jan 3

Tobacco Use and High School Students

Posted By iamincontrol | January 3, 2013

Is tobacco use socially acceptable among high school students?

Here’s what one Iowa high school student thinks… 

“As a student in high school, I feel as if every recurring school year, tobacco use is becoming more popular (mostly in males). As a junior in high school I am taking Heath II, and recently we discussed in large about smoking and tobacco use. I have been involved with youth against tobacco since middle school, but I learned a lot I didn’t know already know during this Health II class. As I learned so many things I didn’t know, I became more “disgusted” and frightened with the idea of all the things that could be harmful to my classmates involved with tobacco. Going through these lessons in Health, I knew many friends in the class who were users of tobacco, and I thought to myself that this could finally be the key to getting through to those who used tobacco – showing them all the harmful things that could or was happening to them! (Especially from a teacher and not just a group of kids.) I soon learned that it was likely not working. They still thought it “wouldn’t happen to them” and that using tobacco was okay. In my mind set, if that didn’t get through to them what would?! How did using tobacco become so normal? And why is it acceptable for high school students?”

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