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Nov 19

The Perfect Stress Reliever

Posted By iamincontrol | November 19, 2013

By Bryce

Going through high school can be stressful for any kid, and everybody has their different ways to cope with stress.  In my experience I was constantly stressed out with grades and also with the high school sports that I participated in. I tried many remedies to cope with this stress, but the one that really put an end to my stress was through exercise.

I found that if I was stressed in a situation at home, the best way to cope was for me to go outside and shoot hoops.  Shooting hoops, for me, allowed me to get away from everyone and not think about what was stressing me out.  Instead, I would focus on a skill that involved exercise and try to perfect it.  The exercise calmed me down, and focusing on perfecting my skill allowed me to reduce stress in other areas in my life.  Playing basketball because I was stressed let me be confident in my ability on the court.  After all, the shooting and trying to get better made it more fun to compete.

Another exercise that I frequently did to reduce stress was jogging.  I was not a good runner at all, and I think that helped get my mind off of stressful situations.  I was so concentrated on how bad I was hurting that I could not even think about stressors in my life. Also, I would set goals to see how far I could go. Stressors went away as I felt myself accomplish goal after goal.

Exercise is a great way to cope with stress, and in doing so you live a healthy life.  Exercise helped me cope with my stressors and hopefully it helps you.

Are you interested in starting to run to relieve stress?  Check out Couch to 5K app where you can track your progress and stay on a schedule to that first 5K.

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