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I AM in Iowa Adolescents Making Choices to Control Their Future Teen:Health, Relationship, Body and Sexuality
Aug 29

Teen Pregnancy in My Hometown

Posted By iamincontrol | August 29, 2013

By Anonymous

While growing up, your parents tell you to make smart decisions and remind you to do your best to avoid peer pressure. Unfortunately, most of us take this opinion with a grain of salt. I feel that our life is directly correlated with the advice our parents give us growing up and how we react to it. Sadly, not as many parents were as thorough as my own when it came to advice and guidance, especially when it came to safe sex.

In 2011, I graduated with 124 other classmates from a high school in western Iowa. When commencement rolled around and we were officially “free” from school, I knew of two female classmates who were soon-to-be parents. Today, exactly 26 months later, I know of 16 female classmates who are parents. There are also 11 known fathers in my graduating class and at least two other “men” denying a potential child. These numbers make a grand total of almost 30 of my 124 classmates as parents.

My friend Sarah found out in October 2011 that she was going to be a mom. Being in college and paying for tuition by herself, Sarah was nothing short of devastated. She was constantly worrying about what people would think, what people would say, and most importantly – who would leave her. After she realized she was going to have a baby, most of Sarah’s closest friends abandoned her, telling her she really screwed up their social life with this baby.

Sarah had nowhere to turn but home. The first few steps of her new life were nothing short of discouraging. She had to tell her parents, her siblings, and all of her other relatives. That was the easy part. The hardest part was word spreading that she was pregnant and being terrified of the rumors to follow. Sarah decided that the best way to take on the rumors was to set the record straight for everyone to hear. She made a declaration of pregnancy via social media sites for everyone to read. It stated that she had not planned for this, but was embracing it.

Throughout the whole experience, Sarah acted in the most responsible and admirable way possible. She embraced the early surprise and referred to the baby as “her blessing”. With this attitude, there was little to be ridiculed for. Luckily for Sarah, she had the support she needed from her family and closer friends to push her through the rough patches and help her become a wonderful mom.

I have learned through watching Sarah that teen pregnancy can happen so easily. She never thought it could or would happen to her. Teens need to listen to their parents because most people know someone who had a baby before they were ready. Even though Sarah was blessed with a beautiful baby girl just over one year ago, it was not in her plan. Her life was turned upside down and she had to grow up a lot sooner than she had planned.

Your life is a direct result of the decisions you make, and it is up to you to be proud of the life you have made.

If you are sexually active, always use a condom.  Unintended pregnancies can occur if you aren’t using a condom or if you are using it incorrectly.  Learn how to use a condom correctly here.  It is always a good idea to use a backup form of birth control in addition to a condom.  Find out which contraceptive is right for you here.

If you think you may be pregnant, read the IAMincontrol post on teen pregnancy to find resources in your area, tips for telling your parents and more.