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May 23

What Should You Major In?

Posted By iamincontrol | May 23, 2017

Choosing a major can be difficult, especially because it seems like it will determine your entire future. It’s important to remember, though, that a lot of people change their declared major several times throughout their time in college. Other people end up working in a field that they love that is completely unrelated to their major.

Some important things to think about when you are choosing a major are:

  • Your interests: What classes ant to be able to travel? What kind of setting do you want to work in? Thinking about the environment you want to work in might help you choose a major.
  • Your dream job: Do you have a specific field you’d like to go into that requires a specific major, or would you like to have more options? For example, a chemist needs to have a background in chemistry, but psychology is a major that can be applied to many different fields.

These are all just starting points, but they can be a good starting point to make the process of choosing a major less daunting.

For more information on choosing majors visit:

Dec 4

A New Allergy

Posted By iamincontrol | December 4, 2014

What’s up with all these allergies? Gluten-free stuff? I mean they just seem to be popping up everywhere. I understand people have allergies and we don’t want people falling over, because they got some their allergen on them. But what about those of us who have a religious relationship with that allergen. What are we suppose to do? So because of that, I am starting a new allergy. I am officially allergic to bad decisions. One of the bad decisions that exist is consuming alcohol or over consuming alcohol. Alcohol consumption can lead to a lot of different bad decisions that I am allergic to, drunk driving, non-consensual sex,  suspension from school activities, etc.


And when I was in high school and college, alcohol consumption sometimes seemed like the norm. Some students feel they need to keep up just to fit in. I don’t want to stand out; I want to blend in with everyone else. That’s how I felt until I realized that there were other things to do besides drinking, that drinking is not the norm. According to a recent study at the University of Iowa, the drinking rate has fallen by nearly twenty percent in the last five years. So, I was being pressured to think drinking was the norm, and being pressured to think that my alcohol consumption quantified my coolness. So I am starting this new allergy.


Soon some of you will be heading off to college and be faced with even more temptations of alcohol, listen to what one college student has to say:


“After a night of drinking, something needed to be done. It took me getting so far off track to realize that it is not who I am. I may live in a college town, but it’s actually not the norm at a college town. I am here for school and I need to be comfortable with myself. I am my own person and alcohol should never be the thing that defines me. For my success is not found on the fake norm of drinking, but rather the time I spend doing other things. Like, when I spend time with friends, find a new connection in a classroom, the feeling of working hard for an exam grade that comes back positive, or taking a leadership role in a school organization. Those are the moments you go to college for. “ –Jake


So if you could not offend my new allergy, that’d be great.



Oct 23

Money Matters

Posted By iamincontrol | October 23, 2014

piggy bank
By Jacalyn          

When I was in high school I had two jobs, and to be honest I made quite a bit of money. However, while still in high school, I was very privileged by my parents bill-wise. I did not pay anything. So I mostly spent my money on stupid things like getting my nails done, tanning, getting my hair done, eating fast food, going to expensive places with my friends and buying expensive purses or electronics that I did not need. I was also very privileged in the sense that my grandparents and parents bought my car as well as put money in a savings account for me for college. When I left to start college, all my incoming money came to a halt.

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Sep 11

Taking Control of My Depression

Posted By iamincontrol | September 11, 2014

taking control of my depression
By Jacob

Sometimes things are hard. For me, things were the hardest during my freshman year of college. I was in a city where I didn’t know anyone, starting a major that was very difficult and stressful, away from most everyone I loved and all my friends. I felt alone. It was at this time that I began struggling with real depression issues. Depression and social anxiety were things I had struggled with in high school, but the transition to college was very difficult for me. At times it left me wondering whether or not I was ever going to be able to get out of the loneliness and stress and be happy again.

I would stay in bed for days at a time, unable to physically or mentally get myself ready to go out into the world and interact with people who seemed to have not a care in the world or anything wrong in their lives. It was hard for me to watch everyone carry on with their lives and be involved and happy and busy and think about myself, feeling like I had nobody and nothing to care about.

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Apr 17

Money Matters

Posted By iamincontrol | April 17, 2014

By Jacalyn

When I was in high school I had two jobs, and to be honest I made quite a bit of money. However, while still in high school, I was very privileged by my parents bill-wise. I did not pay anything. So I mostly spent my money on stupid things like getting my nails done, tanning, getting my hair done, eating fast food, going to expensive places with my friends and buying expensive purses or electronics that I did not need. I was also very privileged in the sense that my grandparents and parents bought my car as well as put money in a savings account for me for college. When I left to start college, all my incoming money came to a halt.

At first I was like, whatever, I’ll just take out the maximum amount of loans I am given, but I soon realized that wasn’t the smartest. I pay out-of-state tuition (which is expensive), and I realized I was just wasting the rest of my loan money. But, I am now a junior in college, and I try to take out the minimum amount of loans I need for school-related things like tuition and books because I do not want to be paying back my loans until I’m 90.   Read More

Jan 23

Get Inspired

Posted By iamincontrol | January 23, 2014


Everyone pulls inspiration from different parts of life. Maybe you’re inspired by an idol of yours, like a great basketball player, a beautiful work of art, or a quote that gets you through the day.

One place we can’t forget to look for inspiration is in our peers. Seeing others just like us doing great things can inspire us to do great things as well.  Today we’re sharing a page from the Huffington Post that shares stories from inspirational teens, like the ones below.

Kevin Breel, 19-Year-Old, Explains What It Feels Like To Be Depressed In Beautiful TEDxYouth Speech

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Oct 29

College Prep: TRiO Programs

Posted By iamincontrol | October 29, 2013

TRiO Student
By Marissa

Once you get to high school, many people will start asking you what your ultimate job is going to be. Are you going to have to go to college to achieve the job that you want? If so, do you feel you are prepared for college? In a recent study, nearly 60% of first-year college students find themselves not prepared for post-secondary studies.  I, myself, was definitely prepared all due to my participation in TRiO programs. TRiO includes Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Student Support Services. Educational Talent Search is from 6th to 12th grade, Upward Bound is from 9th-12th grade, and Student Support Services is at the college level. These programs offer so much to a student.

TRiO programs allowed me to:

  • Tour over 30 different college campuses all over the Midwest
  • Receive free tutoring
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Oct 22

Finding Me

Posted By iamincontrol | October 22, 2013

Finding me
By Anonymous

High school was a memorable time for me.  I learned so much about who I was as a person and who I wanted to be.  I learned what I wanted to surround myself with in life, and I have my ex-friends to thank for that.

Ever since kindergarten, about eight of us girls were inseparable…until junior year of high school.  Partying started to get in the way of our solid friendship.  We all stayed in touch until about senior year.  My two best friends from the group decided to start smoking pot.  They even tried other drugs such as cocaine.  I was fortunate enough to have the guts to say no whenever they asked me to try.  They knew I didn’t like it, so eventually, they started to try and hide it from me.  They acted like they didn’t do it at all, but I found out through other people.

When we graduated from high school, we all went our separate ways to different colleges.  Because we weren’t together anymore, they were on their own and one of my girlfriends started trying dangerous drugs.  I personally watched her life go downhill.  This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to witness in my life.  I had to watch my best friend of twelve years throw her amazing life away.  She got arrested and charged with a couple different offenses.  She got herself into a situation where she started dealing just so she could have sex.  The things she did were unimaginable.  I cried myself to sleep thinking and praying for her to get help, but it just never seemed to work.  She even got herself into a romantic situation where she was abused and couldn’t get out of the relationship.  Who knew something that didn’t happen to me, could affect me so much.

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Sep 24

Friends or Family Time?

Posted By iamincontrol | September 24, 2013

By Abby

In high school, I had a really close group of girl friends. Every weekend we did something together: football games, going to the movies, parties. There were many times that I did not even come home from school on Fridays. I would leave right from school and go to my friend’s house and get ready to celebrate the weekend. This happened most often during my senior year of high school.

I am the oldest of four children, and family has always been important to me.  However, it was my senior year!! After high school, my friends would be going all over the place for college and our group of friends would never be the same. There were several times when I would make plans with my sister or brothers and break them to go out with friends instead.

One day I got into a huge fight with my mom. She was disappointed with the amount of time I was spending with friends on the weekends. She said to me, “It’s not like you are going to be friends with these people forever; people change.” Being angry and hurt by her comment, I immediately responded with: “Just because you aren’t friends with your friends from high school, doesn’t mean I won’t be! I actually make my friends a priority!”

Reflecting now, I do not regret the time I spent with friends. Friends understand the pressures of being a teenager and high school better than anyone. But I do wish I had spent more time with my family. It was the last time that all four of my siblings would live under the same roof. I am still really close with three of the girls I went to high school with, but much of the group has fallen apart.  My mom was right, people do change. Memories, however, do not.  Cherish the friendships you have as they help shape the people you become…just try to make time for family too!

Aug 29

Teen Pregnancy in My Hometown

Posted By iamincontrol | August 29, 2013

By Anonymous

While growing up, your parents tell you to make smart decisions and remind you to do your best to avoid peer pressure. Unfortunately, most of us take this opinion with a grain of salt. I feel that our life is directly correlated with the advice our parents give us growing up and how we react to it. Sadly, not as many parents were as thorough as my own when it came to advice and guidance, especially when it came to safe sex.

In 2011, I graduated with 124 other classmates from a high school in western Iowa. When commencement rolled around and we were officially “free” from school, I knew of two female classmates who were soon-to-be parents. Today, exactly 26 months later, I know of 16 female classmates who are parents. There are also 11 known fathers in my graduating class and at least two other “men” denying a potential child. These numbers make a grand total of almost 30 of my 124 classmates as parents.

My friend Sarah found out in October 2011 that she was going to be a mom. Being in college and paying for tuition by herself, Sarah was nothing short of devastated. She was constantly worrying about what people would think, what people would say, and most importantly – who would leave her. After she realized she was going to have a baby, most of Sarah’s closest friends abandoned her, telling her she really screwed up their social life with this baby.

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