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Jun 17

Stress Relief through Exercise

Posted By iamincontrol | June 17, 2014

Teen girl running
By Alison

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.


Stress is commonly present amongst students. Throughout my years I have definitely been stressed to the max sometimes. Exercise is a great stress reliever for me. Growing up, I was always active in sports. Each season it was a new sport; it was go, go, go. Once I graduated high school, I was no longer on a team, but I knew that I wanted to continue being active.

In college I decided to sign up for a spinning class so I would remember to go. Eventually, I got a routine down, and exercise became a part of my daily life. In fact, on days when I did not do some sort of physical activity, I felt sort of grumpy. Later that spring, I began training for a half marathon. I have always been a runner, but I had never run 13.1 miles. After a couple months of training, I completed my first half marathon. It was a great accomplishment.

This past fall, I decided to tackle one of my lifetime goals: train for and finish a marathon. I started training in June, and it was definitely a commitment. I would wake up early before it got scorching hot outside to do some of my longer runs. The second weekend of October came up quickly, and I traveled to Chicago to participate in my very first marathon. I am happy to say, I finished 26.2 miles without walking and had a better time than I had expected. When I finished, I had such a feeling of accomplishment. I was truly proud of myself for all the time and dedication it took to reach my goal.

I have developed a love for exercise. It is my way to escape from all the stress of life for a little part of each day. It is my time to think, reflect, and focus on making myself better. As Plato said, exercise is something that anyone can benefit from.