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Nov 28

STIs—the awkward talk that needs to happen

Posted By iamincontrol | November 28, 2013

Talk about it!
By Anonymous

In most middle schools or high schools there is a short unit in health class about STIs (or STDs), but why pay any more attention than just to get notes for an upcoming test or quiz? STIs only happen to other people, right?


Every year, 20 million new STIs occur and ½ of all of those are among youth—people just like you. No one is immune to STIs (unless you are remaining abstinent), and you may not always know if you have contracted an STI. Many STIs have no signs or symptoms at all, so people may not even know that they are spreading them.

As an 18 year old going-to-be college freshman I was bombarded with everything that I should have listened to in my high school health class. I had been with my boyfriend for a little over year when I found out I had contracted an STI. He was the only person I had been with so I thought that I was safe, but unfortunately I was not the only person he had been with. Although this was a very discouraging and upsetting time in my life, I took the opportunity as a learning experience and now have worked hard to educate those around me about having a healthy sexual lifestyle.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has multiple resources for learning about STIs, prevention, and testing options. You can also check out IAMincontrol’s post, STIs – Am I Really at Risk? to learn more about what you can do to prevent STIs.  Take control of your health and protect yourself from something that can easily be prevented.