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Jul 26

Staying Active When You Don’t Play Sports

Posted By iamincontrol | July 26, 2018

I played many sports through middle school and early high school. These included volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, & softball. As I got older, the schedules overlapped and I needed more weekday time for my school work. I found myself doing less physical activity as a result of no longer being on these teams. I have found new ways to become more active again without playing organized sports. Exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. You should always try to make time to stay active.

  • Check your local pool for open swim times! Swimming is a great, low impact activity. It’s really fun to do, even at your own pace.
  • Ask your gym teacher for ideas for at-home workouts or ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life outside of class.
  • Join a club team! This is playing a sport, but at a less competitive level. Everyone plays for fun and time commitments aren’t as intense.
  • Play games with friends! Volleyball at a beach, jump rope in front of your house, frisbee in a park, or even dancing in the living room together. These are easy ways to stay active doing things you like with people you love.