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Mar 4

Prom on a Budget

Posted By iamincontrol | March 4, 2014

Prom on a budget
The results are in!

Last month’s poll question was:
How much money should you spend on prom attire?

You guys said:

  • $0-$25 – I’m just going to find something to wear in my closet or borrow a dress or tux from a friend. (0%)
  • $25-$100 – I’m a bargain hunter. I can find my dress or tux and accessories for $100 or less. (40%)
  • $100-$300 – I’m not going to go crazy, but I definitely want a new outfit and accessories. (60%)
  • $300 or more – I only get to go to prom once or twice, so I need a one-of-a-kind dress or tux. (0%)

Prom night only happens once or twice in your life, so you want it to be memorable.  Even if you’re planning on spending a fair amount of money to make your prom night perfect, there are a few things you can do to save a little cash.

  • Borrow a dress or tux – Do you have a relative or friend with a dress or tux you can borrow?  Especially if they go to a different school or are a few years older than you, no one will recognize it and know it’s not new.
  • Make dinner at home instead of going out to eat – Having a potluck dinner where everyone brings something to eat is fun and affordable.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about making reservations somewhere in advance.
  • Drive yourself or catch a ride instead or hiring a limo – A limo sounds cool, but it’s expensive and really only gets you from point A to point B.  The most fun you’ll have is at the dance itself or hanging out with your friends after.  If you’re looking to cut some expenses, you can probably live without a limo and just ride in someone’s car.
  • Do your hair and makeup at home – It costs a lot to get your hair and makeup done at a salon.  The video below has some more tips on a budget friendly prom for girls (and if you go to YouTube to watch the video, she has a whole series of videos on prom).

For lots more money saving tips, read these articles:

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It’s important to have fun on prom night, but don’t forget to be safe.  Read our post on Top 10 Tips for Having a Fun & Safe Prom Night to make sure you have the best night possible.

You are in control of having an awesome (and affordable) prom night.