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Sep 18

Purposely Positive

Posted By iamincontrol | September 18, 2018

In life, we can be hard on ourselves. We often doubt our abilities, feel ashamed of our past, or anxious about our futures. Although these feelings are normal, they don’t need to be constant and troublesome. Instead, there are ways to acknowledge these feelings, but move past them:

  • Recognize that these feelings happen to a lot of people. You are not alone.
  • These feelings do have a place in our lives because they can motivate us to grow as people.
  • Confront your fears or worries and turn those feelings into personal goals.
  • When negative thoughts creep into your mind, flip the script and think about a positive thing instead. This could be something you are working towards or have already achieved.
  • Focus on happy moments of growth. Recognize these accomplishments and celebrate them!
  • Don’t forget to tell yourself every day that you are proud of who you are right now, but positive change can be good.

Check out these tips on ways to increase positive emotions: