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Oct 21

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

Posted By iamincontrol | October 21, 2014

plate scale
By Ashley

I developed an eating disorder in high school. It didn’t happen right away, but gradually during my first semester. I had just transferred schools. I had always been pretty active, but I noticed myself working out a lot more than usual. I was so busy with homework, tests, and adjusting to my new school and life that I really didn’t think anything of it.

After being at school for a few weeks, my family started to notice me slimming down. They complimented me on my hard work and becoming more interested in my health. It wasn’t long before that planted a seed in my brain that if I was going to work on my health, I would need to start eating healthy foods too.

That’s when everything went downhill. I started keeping track of everything I ate. I was so obsessed that I used a calorie counter app on my phone so I could record my meals to know how many calories I was consuming. I gradually started cutting back on my meals to see how low I could get my calories to be that day. I would also record how much I would work out and be able to see how many calories I would burn. I never went in public to exercise.

At this point my family started getting really concerned. I was losing weight rapidly, and none of my clothes fit. I was even becoming obsessed with what they were eating. I told them how unhealthy they were being and how much weight they would gain. Also, if you’re wondering why my friends didn’t notice this change, it’s because I ignored all of my friends. They would invite me to dinner or to the movies, and I would make up excuses of why I couldn’t go every time.

My mom decided it was time to stop this, and she talked to me multiple times about seeking help. I knew she was right, and started seeing a therapist to try and figure out why this was going on. She really helped me to realize how much I was harming myself and my future by not consuming the food my body needed. At that point I started seeing a nutritionist to help me incorporate more food into my diet. She helped me to see that just because something was higher in calories, that didn’t mean it was bad for me. I also cut down my workouts so I was able to have more energy throughout the day.

Because I had sought help and listened to their advice, my negative thoughts about food slowly diminished. I was able to learn how to incorporate more food into my diet. I knew that it was going to help me and give me the energy to get through the day so I would be able to have a fun workout. I learned I would survive, and I wouldn’t get fat just by missing one workout.

I started to make plans with my friends again. I explained to them what I was going through at the time, and they were very understanding. I made sure to answer any questions that they had.

Here is a really interesting website that has information about eating disorders if you have any questions or are looking for more information.