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Oct 23

Money Matters

Posted By iamincontrol | October 23, 2014

piggy bank
By Jacalyn          

When I was in high school I had two jobs, and to be honest I made quite a bit of money. However, while still in high school, I was very privileged by my parents bill-wise. I did not pay anything. So I mostly spent my money on stupid things like getting my nails done, tanning, getting my hair done, eating fast food, going to expensive places with my friends and buying expensive purses or electronics that I did not need. I was also very privileged in the sense that my grandparents and parents bought my car as well as put money in a savings account for me for college. When I left to start college, all my incoming money came to a halt.

At first I was like, whatever, I’ll just take out the maximum amount of loans I am given, but I soon realized that wasn’t the smartest. I pay out-of-state tuition (which is expensive), and I realized I was just wasting the rest of my loan money. But, I am now a junior in college, and I try to take out the minimum amount of loans I need for school-related things like tuition and books because I do not want to be paying back my loans until I’m 90.  I can’t help but look back on my stupidity and the money I wasted all those years. I am now in charge of paying many bills, including rent, utilities, car insurance, and my phone bill along with gas and groceries. I also now have one job that pays minimum wage, which I’m sure you can guess does not pay my bills at all. I took all my money and family help in high school for granted. Now I don’t even live paycheck to paycheck, it’s less than that. In the last year, I’ve probably depleted roughly $1,500 of my savings account when trying to pay my bills. It’s a constant stressor on my life. I have gotten letters multiple months where my utilities have almost gotten shut off, and my roommates and I have had to scrape up all our money and put it together to pay the bill.  Also, gas is expensive, and since home is in another state, I have to choose if I want to spend money on a whole tank of gas to drive home and another whole tank of gas to drive back. For me, my family wins and I usually make the drive even if my bank account disagrees.

Everyone warns you that you will be broke in college, but I never realized it until it happened to me. I want to let high school kids who have ever been in my position know to save your money! You will definitely thank yourself in the long run.

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