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Aug 14

Mentoring Programs

Posted By iamincontrol | August 14, 2018

A mentor can be a big help while you’re in school.

Mentors can be a variety of ages and can meet as often as you want. They are usually selected for you based on similar interests. A mentor is someone who is there to guide you with many things. There are different programs located all throughout Iowa that focus on different things. A mentor can help drive you to activities, they can help with your homework, or they can be there just to talk. They may visit you at school or help you get involved in the community. This depends on what you want to do together. Many programs reach out to children in schools, but not all schools participate in the programs. If your school doesn’t, a good place to start would be asking a teacher or your parents if they can help check which mentoring programs are near you.

The website below is good to browse because they link to many of the Iowa programs. They also share stories of mentors and you can see some of the activities and relationships that take place.