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Sep 20

Medical Marijuana in Iowa

Posted By iamincontrol | September 20, 2018

Medical MarijuanaWhat is medical marijuana?

Marijuana is a plant that can treat illnesses and symptoms of diseases. The whole plant or parts of the plant can be used. In June of 2018, the Federal Drug Administration or FDA allowed marijuana as a medicine. The FDA wants more studies done to show that it helps people though.

Marijuana is federally illegal, so how are people able to use it?

Because of the few benefits of marijuana, some states have ignored federal law by following the Tenth Amendment. This amendment lets states keep their freedom, but the federal government can still stop people from having, growing, or selling marijuana.

Where does Iowa stand on medical marijuana?

In Iowa, medical marijuana can be used for nine different health problems. Iowans who have special cards saying they have one of these health problems can get medical marijuana products. These products can’t be smoked or eaten, meaning they will be in the form of creams, oils, or patches.

To read more about how things are going with medical marijuana in Iowa, check out the following article: