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Sep 25

Makeups Long Lasting Effect

Posted By iamincontrol | September 25, 2018

When looking for makeup, you want what’s best for your skin and potentially best for the environment. Some products used in makeup have been known to kill aquatic animals or change their environment. Many times, what’s best for your skin and the environment is the same. Products that are organic and vegan often use more plant-based ingredients. These are less harsh and aren’t as likely to bother your skin. Vegan and cruelty free products don’t test on animals.

You can look for labels on the products to see the ingredients. The problem is that some of the phrases they use can be misleading. Below are some of the common words you might see on a package and what they really mean:

  • “Natural” – may mean only some of the ingredients are natural. Look for “100% natural”.
  • “Organic” – at least 95% of ingredients are non-synthetic products. Must look for the USDA certification label.
  • “Sulfate free” – sulfates are harsh and can bother skin.
  • “Paraben free” – parabens are used as preservatives but they have been linked to cancer.
  • “Vegan” – doesn’t contain animal products and is not tested on animals.
  • “Ecocert” – one of the largest organic certification companies in the world. Regularly conducts inspections and around the world.

You can find more details on these labels here:

These companies work to make products safe for both you and the environment. You can find a list of environmentally friendly products here: