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May 15

Growing Up in South Korea: Bullying

Posted By iamincontrol | May 15, 2014

Stop bullying
By Anonymous

I want to talk about bullying experiences I had in my country, South Korea. I was bullied twice in my life. The first bullying experience was when I was in middle school. I used to be a figure skater back then. Because of practice time, I didn’t go to school often. My peers were jealous of me not going to school very often and getting advantages from being an athlete. I didn’t have any friends in my class. I didn’t care at first, but later some of girls wrote my name with cussing words on the field in front of the school. I was so shocked that I was being bullied for that reason. I assumed it was because I was an athlete; I still don’t know exactly why they hated me so much.

The second bullying experience happened in high school. I moved to an international school when I was in 8th grade. For one year, there were no problems at all. The bullying began when a new girl came to my high school. She was pretty, bright, and talkative. For those reasons, she was very popular among people in the beginning. She and I did not have any problems at first. Soon after, she started to gossip about me to all of my peers after she found out that she and I liked the same guy. Whenever I tried to talk to someone, she took the person away from me. I cried every night and told my mom about this. I asked her if there was something wrong with me. Later, some of my friends who didn’t listen to the girl helped me get through those hardships, and they encouraged me to be confident with myself. These bullying experiences were very significant to me because I found my true friends whom I can trust. Now I consider them my lifelong friends.

Through this, I learned one very important lesson: I should never gossip about somebody else. I know I still am involved in girls’ gossiping, but I never start or agree with them when they talk bad about someone else. I try to listen to them and that’s it. I would give one other piece of advice to teens: Do not judge other people. Also, if these situations are happening or have happened to you, tell your parents or another trusted adult about it and ask them for help.

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