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May 16

Getting Involved

Posted By iamincontrol | May 16, 2013

 Getting involved
By Ariana 

Why should I be involved?

I gave this question much thought during my high school years and even into my freshman year of college. Throughout my high school days, I would rather spend time with friends than organizing events for clubs. It wasn’t until after my freshman year of college I realized why it was so important to become involved. The first thing that hit me was my identity. I am a woman, Latina, and I am young. All of these groups are underrepresented. I wanted to show the world what I could do, I wanted the groups I identified with to be seen and heard! My next reason was because I wanted to learn. Yes, learn. I know we all learn enough in our classes, but there is plenty more to learn in real life. There are different people, events, food and activities – the list goes on and on. We can learn a new task, meet a new friend, taste a new food, and learn from all these experiences. All of these new experiences are like mini adrenaline rushes. At first you’re nervous or scared, and then boom, you’re surprised by what you learn.

Where can I get involved?

The way I started becoming involved in my community was through volunteering. It has been one of my biggest passions growing up. You search for a cause that you may be passionate about and give your time and commitment to it. From there it’s all a snowball effect. You want to get involved in other activities, you take leadership positions in clubs at school, and you may even start your own organization. Remember there is always time to give. Giving back to your community is a rewarding feeling to feel proud of. Through your actions you are being an inspiration to others.

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To find volunteer ideas in your town, visit the Volunteer Iowa website.