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Feb 20

Getting a Job in High School

Posted By iamincontrol | February 20, 2014

Need some cash?
By Shannon

Getting a job in high school helped me grow into adulthood. My parents always made it clear that I would be provided everything I needed, but if I wanted anything extra I would have to get it myself. This included things like going out to eat with friends, paying for movies, or buying extra clothes that I wanted but didn’t need.

The first job I had while in high school was as a life guard. I first worked at our local outdoor pool over the summer. Then I got a job in a nearby town at a year-round indoor pool. I worked around 10 hours a week during the school year and around 30 hours a week during the summer.

Being able to work during high school and create my own income was a great experience that helped me to learn a lot of lessons about responsibility. I was able to have more freedom with what I spent my money on, and I was also given the opportunity to start saving money to make bigger purchases in the future, such as when I bought a car or needed money to go to college.

Having to balance a job in addition to my schoolwork and sports also helped me learn to better manage my time. This was very helpful when I started college and had a lot more responsibilities. Having a job in high school forced me to show up on time every time I was scheduled if I wanted to keep the job. It also helped me focus on time management and getting my homework done. If I put it off until the last minute and had to work that night, I might not have another chance to do it.

Learning about balancing time and sacrificing time I could have spent doing something more “fun” has definitely paid off in the long run. It’s allowed me to work hard and see that there are good things that can come from it in the end. I’ve worked throughout college too, and having the experience in high school made balancing heavier responsibilities less scary. I’ve been much more successful in accomplishing many of my goals than if I hadn’t worked in high school.

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