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Jan 23

Get Inspired

Posted By iamincontrol | January 23, 2014


Everyone pulls inspiration from different parts of life. Maybe you’re inspired by an idol of yours, like a great basketball player, a beautiful work of art, or a quote that gets you through the day.

One place we can’t forget to look for inspiration is in our peers. Seeing others just like us doing great things can inspire us to do great things as well.  Today we’re sharing a page from the Huffington Post that shares stories from inspirational teens, like the ones below.

Kevin Breel, 19-Year-Old, Explains What It Feels Like To Be Depressed In Beautiful TEDxYouth Speech

Chelesa Fearce, Homeless Teen, Named Valedictorian At High School Graduation

So take a look around and find inspiration for your life.  Whether it’s doing something nice for someone else, overcoming a difficult situation, or just sharing your story with others, you and your peers are doing incredible things every day.

You are in control of finding inspiration in your life and inspiring others.