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Aug 19

Food is Fuel

Posted By iamincontrol | August 19, 2014

healthy food
By Clancy

My freshman year of high school I was involved in many sports, but it wasn’t until track season that I thought I needed to lose weight. The other girls on my relay team were not the same size as I was. I thought that because I was bigger than them, it was slowing me down. I began restricting what I would eat and when I would eat it. I wouldn’t eat lunch on race days because in my mind, there was a correlation between my weight and my race times.

I was frustrated when my times weren’t improving and thought the only explanation was because I needed to lose more weight. I had already lost around 15 pounds in 2 months, and my coaches began to notice my lack of energy. My race performance actually began to worsen.

I confessed all this to my mom, and she had no idea what had been going on. She thought I had lost the weight from being more active. She explained to me that food is fuel. My mom became a lot more involved with keeping our family meals healthy and reinforcing healthy eating habits. Once I started to eat more nutritious and filling meals, my performance improved. I kept improving and made it to the state competition where I ran my personal best time. My eating habits continued to improve throughout the years, helping me be a member of my university’s track and field team. Without the help of my mom, I wouldn’t have seen food as needed fuel. It’s important that you get the food you need to keep up with your activity level.

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