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Jun 6

DRUGS! They Determined My Life

Posted By iamincontrol | June 6, 2013

Drugs determined my life
By Noraa

When I was younger, I was a normal kid.  I went outside, hung out with my friends, and just had fun. I had yet to realize that drugs had taken a toll on my life. I remember one day seeing a lady and a man walking down the street. I was playing jump rope with my friends as these people approached us. They greeted me like they knew me. Of course I knew of them, but I didn’t know them. She would tell my friends she was my mom, and I would run in the house embarrassed. All my friends knew this woman walked the streets day and night, looking for what she needed to survive. That day was the day my mom told me that I was adopted. The lady I had been seeing was a drug addict. I was kind of saddened, but yet I still didn’t understand.  I had been taken away from my mother who could not take care of me. She chose drugs, something that didn’t last very long and that could kill her, instead of her kids. I tried to understand the why in all of this. All I knew was that I didn’t want any part in it. I promised myself that I would never go down that road no matter what struggles I went through.

Growing up, it sucked telling people I was adopted. I didn’t know my brothers and sisters as my brothers and sisters because we grew up more like cousins. I was adopted into my family along with my other birth siblings. I never chose to be taken, or adopted. It just kind of happened because drugs had run their course within my birth mother, and for some reason she just couldn’t give it up. Because of drugs, no one knows who my father is, but one day I hope to find out. Even though I was adopted within my family, life wasn’t all so perfect. I always wondered how my life would have been different if drugs didn’t happen. Would I know both my parents? Would I have a kid? Would I be in college? Or would my life have been better? All these questions I used to ask myself.

Now that I’m older, these questions don’t exist. I have realized that asking these questions only complicates my life. My life wouldn’t be what it is today if I hadn’t gone through all these difficulties. My whole experience has become a motivation to me. I know many people say it may have ruined their life, but to me, it made my life 10x better.

I feel satisfied with my life and how I have grown into a smart, independent woman despite all of the things that I have been through. I didn’t let this past life define me. Neither should you!