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Dec 6

Don’t Let Smoking Dull Your Sparkle!

Posted By iamincontrol | December 6, 2012

Smiling teen
By Carlie

A sparkling smile is one of your best features, so don’t let smoking dull your pearly whites.

You may not have been taught about how smoking affects your health and your smile right away, so you might not have thought about it that much.  You’ve probably been told that smoking increases your chance for lung cancer, stroke, and emphysema in the long run.  But you should know, smoking is changing your appearance and health right now too.  Here are some of the things that are already happening.

  • Bad breath (not to mention smelly hair and clothes)
  • Yellow teeth (and yellow fingernails)
  • Hairy tongue (Yeah, it looks like your tongue is hairy.  Weird.  Learn more here.)
  • Increased phlegm (The thick yellow stuff you cough up from your lungs.  Ew.)
  • Difficulty breathing during exercise. Teen smokers experience shortness of breath 3 times more often than teens who don’t smoke.

If you haven’t already started smoking, you might not want to pick up the habit.  As you can see, the consequences are not pretty.  You might think that an occasional cigarette is okay, but even one cigarette a day classifies you as a regular smoker.  The nicotine from a cigarette reaches your brain within 10 seconds after each puff, and in as little as three cigarettes, you can start to become addicted.  If you are already addicted, consider quitting. 

If our post here hasn’t convinced you, make the decision yourself by visiting, which is dedicated to exposing the truth behind big tobacco companies.  They make it very clear that they are not out to tell you what to do – smoke or not smoke.  They just want to give you the real deal so you can know all the facts before you make your decision.

You are in control.