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Jul 24

Dealing with Divorce: You’re Not Alone

Posted By iamincontrol | July 24, 2018

When I was in the 6th grade, my parents told my sister and I that they were getting a divorce. My world came crashing down. I felt as if none of my friends would understand and seeing other people’s parents together made me very sad. It caused a lot of emotional pain and I had to find some way to deal with all of my feelings. Here are some of the coping strategies I used:

  • Don’t feel guilty. You may start to feel like you could have done something to prevent this, but the truth is your parents are adults and made these decisions on their own.
  • Accepting my new reality. My parents were not getting back together, and my Dad moved into a new place. It was weird having two homes, but I got more one on one time with my parents.
  • Going to counseling or talk to a trusted adult. They can provide an outlet for your worries and also help with coping strategies for the anger, sadness, and confusion you may experience. It’s important to have people to lean on emotionally.
  • Keep in touch. You may end up living with one parent the majority of the time because of distance. You can make time for phone calls or texts to the other parent between the times you get to see them.

Overall, just remember there is help and support somewhere for you. Things aren’t always in your control and don’t always make sense, but there is always help.

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