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Feb 14

Costs of Teen Parenting

Posted By iamincontrol | February 14, 2017

teen comfortingBeing a teenager is hard enough! Your body is changing, and you’re under a lot of pressure from parents, friends, and school. What do you think happens if you, or your significant other, become pregnant? Here are the costs of pregnancy:


The medical costs of having a baby range from $10,000 to $15,000, including delivery of the child, tests, and prenatal care visits. Some of these costs are covered by insurance…if the parents have it.

Besides the medical costs, parents need to buy lots of things to prepare for the baby: a crib, crib mattress, sheets, bedding supplies, bathtub, bibs, car seat, diapers, baby wipes, and many others things. These things can cost between $1,700 and $4,600!


Many young parents drop out of school or do not go to college because they cannot handle being pregnant or raising a child while going to school. Two-thirds of teen mothers fail to get a high school diploma, and teen fathers generally have less schooling than fathers who have kids when they are older. Not having a degree can cause financial strains later in life since many people cannot pursue better job opportunities if they don’t graduate high school or go to college.


A lot of the emotional stress a couple may feel can be from having the baby, especially if the pregnancy is not planned. The mother may feel overjoyed, depressed, suicidal, angry and scared. She may be scared of the reactions of the father of her child and of her parents. She may also be scared of giving birth in general and fear for her future.


Having a baby is very physically demanding! It completely changes your body. Teens are more likely to have a miscarriage (loss of the pregnancy) or a premature birth (complications from having the baby too early) compared to older women.

Pregnancy is tough as it is. So is being a teenager! Don’t make things harder by mixing the two. There are plenty of blogs that talk about contraceptives like birth control and condoms. Be smart, and enjoy being young!

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