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May 1

Alternatives to Tampons and Pads

Posted By iamincontrol | May 1, 2018

Did you know there’s a whole world of period products besides the pads and tampons? One of the growing areas of the period world are reusable products. They produce less waste, use less chemicals and are cheaper for you in long run. But they do require more handling and care than traditional disposable options. Here are just a few reusable options:

Menstrual Cups.

  • Silicone or latex rubber cups that are inserted into the vagina to catch and hold period blood.
  • Wash with soap and water and re-insert every 12 hours or less.
  • Sterilize in between cycles with boiling water.
  • Cost between $30-40.
  • For more info visit:

Period Panties.

  • Underwear designed to be bled into and hold period blood.
  • More comfortable than other options.
  • Panties need to be rinsed in the sink and then washed with the laundry as usual.
  • Prices range from $15-40 for one pair.
  • Check out one women’s experience here:

Cloth Pads/Tampons.

  • Come in all different sizes, shapes and materials.
  • Must be changed out as regularly as non-disposable versions (3-5 hours), so keep in mind you will have to carry around a used product if you’re out all day. Many products come with a wet bag for this purpose or you can purchase one separately.
  • Care instructions vary by product.
  • You can find these products online in varying quantities, ranging from $15-30.
  • Check out more reasons to use cloth pads:

Periods are different for everyone and it’s important to find out what is best for you. Just because some products or combination of products don’t work for some doesn’t mean they won’t work for others.

*Reminder: NO period products should be flushed down the toilet, even the disposable kind. All tampons and pads should go in the trash or washed and stored if they are reusable.