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May 8

Alcohol: Not a Game

Posted By iamincontrol | May 8, 2014

Empty bottles
By Cali

Are you in control of your life or would you say that your friends are in control of your life? It’s time to start doing what you want to do with your own life. Make the right choices for yourself. When I was in high school, I drank alcohol to fit in with all my friends. My friends always peer pressured me into things I shouldn’t have been doing. One night, things got out of hand.

It was a normal night in my small home town. Everyone knew everyone and every little gossip got out. My friends and I got invited to a party that night, but we knew of a better party that was going on so we decided not to go. We knew the people that were going to the party, and they were going to be playing drinking games. They were going to start right after school.

About 3:00 that morning, one of my friends got a phone call from the other party saying they took a kid to the hospital. He wasn’t breathing, and the kids didn’t know what to do. They had him in the bath tub passed out. When he was passed out people had drawn all over him. He was transported from our small town hospital to a bigger hospital where they could meet his needs. He didn’t have a pulse. They had to do CPR, and he was on a machine that helped him stay alive. Later that Saturday morning, the doctors told the family there was no brain activity happening. They made the choice to take him of the breathing machine. He died later that day. No one had words to describe how miserable this was.

The next Monday when our first hour of class started, I knew it was going to be hard because he sat right next to me in English class. Our teacher explained the situation to some of the students that didn’t know it had happened. We had a moment of silence while looking where he sat. We shared stories on how he made the class fun. He always had a smile on his face and was always a chatter box.

I wish people at the party would have been smarter about the whole situation. After what happened with the student passing away, the school decided they need to take action into students drinking. Drinking in my small town was very common. My school purchased breathalyzers to use at homecoming, prom and during school days. I am glad they started the new plan so they could prevent this tragic event from happening again.

People stopped drinking for a couple months after because they were so scared, but they started back up again. The person who had the party was under the age of 18 and is still being sued for over a million dollars. Underage drinking is a still a big problem in most towns, so hopefully my experience showed you how serious its consequences can be.