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Oct 1

Affordable Activities to Do with Friends

Posted By iamincontrol | October 1, 2013

Popcorn for movie night
The results are in!  Here was last month’s poll question:

Do you ever avoid hanging out with friends for financial reasons?

  • Yes. Everything we do costs money (going to the movies, going out to eat, etc.). (42%)
  • No. My parents pay for everything. (42%)
  • No. I have a job and like spending my money doing stuff with my friends. (14%)
  • I spend most of my time in sports or activities that do not cost money. (0%)

If you ever avoid doing things with your friends because you don’t have the money, try one of the activities below to save some cash.

  • Organize a game night – Maybe board games don’t sound that exciting, but they can be really fun.  Apples to Apples is especially hilarious to play with your friends, and chances are, at least one of your friends owns it.
  • Play sports or be active – It doesn’t cost a thing to go to the park and play basketball, tennis, or another other sport.  You could even organize a tournament among your friends for some friendly competition.  Going for a bike ride or a run with a friend is more enjoyable than going alone, too.Soccer ball
  • Host a movie night at your house – This can actually be more fun than going to the movie theater.  You can talk through the movie if you want, and you could make it a theme (like a Hunger Games movie night).
  • Join a volunteer group together – It’s way more fun to volunteer if you’re with some friends.  Maybe your church has a youth group that does volunteering, or maybe it’s a service group through your school.  Either way, you can feel good and have fun while volunteering with friends.
  • Make dinner at home – Instead of eating out, learn to cook dinner or dessert and enjoy it with your friends.
  • Hang out and watch YouTube videos – We hope you’ll go out of the house and be active, but sometimes, you just need to laugh with your friends by watching videos like this or this.  Or learn something new, like this super cool slushie trick (IAMincontrol doesn’t promote drinking soda daily, but this would be a fun treat).

If you want even more ideas, here are 30 Fun, Free Things to Do if You’re a Teen.

You are in control of choosing fun, money saving activities.