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I AM in Iowa Adolescents Making Choices to Control Their Future Teen:Health, Relationship, Body and Sexuality
May 1

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Posted By iamincontrol | May 1, 2014

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Feb 22

What is Medical Amnesty and Why is it Important?

Posted By iamincontrol | February 22, 2018

Picture this: some friends are drinking alcohol.

All of them are underage. One of their friends drinks too much, and someone says that they should call 911. Someone else says that if they call, they’ll get their friend in trouble for drinking. Another person agrees and is worried that they will get in trouble themselves. Suddenly, they’re not sure who to call or what to do.

Medical amnesty laws, also called Good Samaritan Laws, Medical Immunity, or 911 Lifeline Laws are made for situations just like these. They were made because people are less likely to call for help if they think that they will get in trouble. In places with medical amnesty, someone who is drinking underage, for example, won’t get in trouble for calling for help on behalf of a friend.

While Iowa doesn’t have this law, it might be soon!

You can read more about medical amnesty here:

Feb 20

What to do When a Friends Tells You that They’ve Been Sexually Abused

Posted By iamincontrol | February 20, 2018

Sometimes bad things happen to people, even the people we care about. If a friend tells you that they’ve been sexually abused, it is important to know how to handle it. Here are a few basic steps to being a good friend in those moments:

  1. Believe them. It will mean so much to that person by simply saying “I believe you”. It will be so comforting to your friend. The easiest, and most important, thing you can do is believe them when they tell you.
  2. Support them. For some victims, telling a trusted friend is all that they want to do. For others, they want to report it to the police. For some, they would like to talk to professional counselors. In whatever your friend chooses, support them.. Sometimes victims can change their minds. At first, they might want to report it to the police and then in a few days they may change their minds. To be the best friend you can be, you should support them in their decisions.
  3. Take care of yourself. Hearing the trauma that someone else went through can be triggering for you. If hearing about what a friend went through brings back memories of an experience you had- get help. Even if you have not gone through sexual abuse, it may be a good idea for you to get counseling. It is important to remember that you cannot take care of your friends without first taking care of yourself.

Hearing about a traumatizing experience a friend went through can be hard. It is important to remember these three steps to help maintain a positive relationship with that person and take care of yourself. To learn more about how to deal with this type of situation:

Feb 15

How to Get Things Done

Posted By iamincontrol | February 15, 2018

“I’ll do it when I feel like it.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve used this phrase too many times. From homework, to chores, to errands, but ends up causing more stress later on.. Not only do we feel more stressed and guilty when we procrastinate.  we do a worse job when we have little time to do the task. When it comes to school, that means you’re learning less. Were all those Netflix episodes worth this bad quiz grade? Here are some tips on how to stop procrastinating:

  • Start right away. When you get home from school, sit down and start your homework
  • Do the most time sensitive tasks first, even if they are the most intimidating.
  • Set small goals. Have four weeks to write a huge paper? Break down the paper into smaller tasks.
  • Give yourself assignments. For example, “By Monday I will have my outline written and by Thursday I will have my body paragraphs written.”
  • Use a calendar, app or planner to organize tasks. Write them down and check them off as you go.
  • Establish a reward system. This could be a favorite snack, favorite activity, social media time or watching an episode of TV. For example, after one hour of study you can be on Facebook for ten minutes. Be strict with yourself, only treat yourself after you’ve finished your task.

When you learn to stop procrastinating you feel better, less stressed, and your grades will likely improve. So stop procrastinating today!

Procrastination can be a sign of other problems like ADHD and depression. If you feel like this may describe you, talk to your doctor or a trusted adult.

For more info, visit:

Feb 13

Toxic Shock Syndrome

Posted By iamincontrol | February 13, 2018

If you are someone who gets a period, you’ve probably heard about toxic shock syndrome. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by too much bacteria in the bloodstream. Although it is possible to get toxic shock syndrome, it is very unlikely. Iowa hasn’t had any cases since 2015! There are several ways to decrease your risk if you have a period:

  • Use external or non-absorbent period products (pads or menstrual cups). This will make it less likely that bacteria will grow.
  • If you prefer tampons, make sure to choose lower absorbency types and to change them about every 4 hours (and never leave one in longer than 8!).
  • There is also a risk of toxic shock syndrome with certain types of birth control, like the diaphragm and sponge, so ask your doctor about how to use them safely.

If you experience any of the following symptoms while wearing a tampon, diaphragm, or sponge, take it out immediately and see a doctor:

  • Fever
  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • A rash similar to a sunburn anywhere on the body
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe muscle aches or weakness

If you’re still worried about toxic shock syndrome, ask family and friends how they deal with their period and how they stay safe. Always talk to your doctor about concerns and they can give you advice and up-to-date information!

Read more about preventing Toxic Shock Syndrome here:

Read more about alternative menstrual products here:

Feb 8

I’m Only a Teen! Why Should I Care about Osteoporosis?

Posted By iamincontrol | February 8, 2018

My mom, aunts, uncles, and some of my cousins have all been diagnosed with the same condition – osteoporosis. This word means “holey bones”, meaning their bones are not as strong and dense as healthy bones. About 54 million U.S. citizens have osteoporosis and low bone mass and it is more common in women than men. Everyone has heard that you should drink milk to build strong bones, right? We build up bone mass when we are young!

Building strong bones kind of works like a bank: your body stores up an account of calcium and bone mass when you’re a child and young adult and then you use that account when you’re an adult. In fact, 90% of a person’s bone mass is saved up by the time they turn 18. Vitamin D is also important because it helps your body absorb calcium. The best ways to build strong bones are to have a diet that has plenty of calcium and Vitamin D and to exercise.

Read more about ways to build strong bones here:

Feb 6

Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, and the Key to Positivity

Posted By iamincontrol | February 6, 2018

Self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem, do you struggle with any of these? If so, you are not alone. I have always struggled with these personally. When you have these negative feelings about yourself and feel like you are not good enough it can affect your whole life in a negative way. Do you compare yourself with others frequently, or find things that you want to change about yourself? I can say that I do this too, but I am really working hard to change. I think that it is easier said than done to increase these starts by simply believing in yourself, and focusing on yourself instead of others.

I think that the power in which you live your life is all in your mindset. We have all probably heard someone tell us that “you can do anything you set your mind to.” As much as we might think that is just a basic saying, it is actually very true and important.

One quote that was said by Theodore Roosevelt that spoke to me is: “believe you can and you’re halfway there.” I think that it is very important to look at all of the amazing things that we have in our lives instead of looking at the things that we don’t have.

You can find more information on this topic at:

Feb 1

How to go to Prom without Breaking the Bank

Posted By iamincontrol | February 1, 2018

Whether you’re in middle school or a senior in high school, I bet you’re already thinking about prom. Read one bloggers story and their tips on how to save for prom no matter how old you are:

A single mom raised me. She barely had enough money to pay the bills, which meant she did not have extra money for other things. Most of the time I was able to still participate in the activities I wanted without making my mom feel bad for not being able to give me money for things. When I got to high school there was one time where not having money became an issue: Prom. For prom you have to pay for a dress or suit, a prom ticket, and maybe dinner.

Here are a few money tips for Prom:

  • Start saving NOW!
  • You do not need an expensive dress/tux to look good and feel special.
  • Many places have programs where people donate prom gowns. See if your school or community has one!
  • Fellas- do not feel like you have to pay for everything for your date.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to friends and family members. Even if they don’t have money to give they may have great tips on where to find cheaper dresses, tuxes, accessories, and stuff like that.

I got help from family and friends. My family helped me buy my prom ticket and the rest I paid for with money I saved. Do not let money keep you from this experience or any other activities you are interested in.


Check out this link for more ideas on how to save money for prom:

Jan 30

Focusing on Fidget Spinners

Posted By iamincontrol | January 30, 2018

Fidget spinners are handheld devices that can be easily rotated in the user’s hand or fingertips. Fidget spinners were originally marketed as aides for people who have ADHD, autism, and anxiety because of the sensory experience it provides. Some users have created tricks and uploaded videos to the internet showing all the options a Fidget Spinner has, but some researchers have questioned whether this new product was tested properly and truly helped reduce distractions for individuals who have the previously mentioned conditions.

Researchers conclude there are other ways to increase concentration which includes:

  • taking activity breaks
  • removal of extra distractions
  • getting proper sleep and diet
  • the use of fidget devices that have been properly researched

If you need to take a mental break, learn what works best for you and make sure you take that time while studying or working on homework.

For more information about the Fidget Spinner controversy, check out

Jan 25

LGBTQ Dating: The Apps

Posted By iamincontrol | January 25, 2018

When I was in high school, there weren’t many other people who were openly gay. So, when I realized that I wanted to start dating, I had a hard time meeting other people.
Through social media I was able to get in touch with some other LGBTQ teens who introduced me to a whole new world. Social media made it a lot easier to connect, but I noticed that when it came to dating, some people got kind of weird.

Since everyone was using apps like Tinder or Grindr, I thought it would be the best way to meet people. But it seemed like some people wanted to have sex right away, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. I knew I wanted to meet people, but I didn’t want to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.
I found that it was important for me to be open and up-front with people about not wanting to rush into anything or do something I didn’t feel comfortable with. This way I felt there wasn’t so much pressure, and both of us knew what to expect. I also knew I had to be careful about who I chose to meet up with in person, because not everyone you meet online is trustworthy. Although it seems like a fun and that everyone is doing it, it’s not a good idea to meet up with people from the Internet. You just never know what’s going to happen, and all too often something goes wrong. But if you are going to do it anyway, only meet up in a group of people you already know and always go during the day in a public place. I know that it feels lonely to not know other LGBTQ people where you live, but there’s no need to take chances on safety. As you get older, there will be plenty of time for dating, so it is best if you don’t put yourself in dangerous positions now.
Check out this article about an app for finding LGBTQ friends!

Jan 23

Finding out about Feminism

Posted By iamincontrol | January 23, 2018

Lots of people throw around the word feminist without really knowing what it means. According to feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the definition of a feminist is “a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes”. Feminists work together to spread awareness about how gender inequality and sexism hurts our communities.

Many people, including feminist writer Bell Hooks, say that feminism is really about equality in all areas of life, not just gender. Feminists say that there is inequality because of power imbalances in the government and places like schools, hospitals, or social life.

Feminism covers a wide range of topics that may not seem related at first, but they are really all connected. For example, Angela Davis is a feminist writer who talks about the importance of prison reform. She argues that prisons don’t make people commit less crime and they are too harsh of a punishment. Angela says that prison reform is a feminist issue because, at the end of the day, it still about some people having too much power and using it to hurt people.

When thinking about feminism in daily life, it is important to remember that nothing is black and white. Most issues are complicated, and lots of feminists try to show that many different things are related to issues of gender and equality. Like anything, it’s a good idea to be open-minded and listen to other people’s ideas and experiences. The more you listen to other people about what they believe, the more you can understand the world around you.

Check out this cool video about feminism: